Skeptical About How City Government Spends Your Hard-Earned Tax Dollars? Concerned about sharp spikes in crime? Potholes costing you money?

 It's time for the citizens of San Jose to take a closer look at how our City leaders spend the money we give them.

 Join us in saving San Jose!


CFR sent a list of questions to the 5 major Mayoral candidates running in the Primary.

Read their answers here:


2014 Primary Election Candidate Questionnaire

Answers to Run-Off election questionnaire are underway and will be posted as soon as we receive answers from the candidates.

CFR strongly asserts that all future city tax ballot measures must include the following stipulations in order to enhance the city's ability to be fiscally responsible and accountable to its citizens:

Proposed Stipulations on New Taxes 2013-08-12.pdf

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